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Due to COVID-19, both our Grandview Shakespeare Academy and our premiere production of Romeo & Juliet are postponed until further notice. This is not a cancellation of these programs - simply a postponement until it is safe to come together again. 

The board and I have spent over a year planning these programs, and the ramifications of making this difficult decision are not lost on me - artists will be left without work, students and audiences will be left without fantastic artistic experiences, and Brantford will be left without professional theatre for even longer. However, in these unprecedented times, the physical health and safety of our artists, audience, students and volunteers is more important.

Art and artists are resilient; the people who make art will continue to find ways to entertain, to comfort, to inspire, and to transform. Grandview Theatre is committed to empowering artists in Brantford, and we hope that we can count on your support as we continue to do everything we can to provide theatre artists with the tools to continue making art.

Stay safe. Stay supportive. Stay strong.


Victoria Hudson-Muir
Artistic Producer
Grandview Theatre Company

FAQ: Text
FAQ: Text
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