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In 2019, Grandview Theatre launched as the a professional theatre company in the Brantford area. The company was born out of a desire to bring  professional theatre opportunities to the Brantford community. We work to empower artists in Brantford. Brant, Six Nations and Mississaugas of the Credit through presentation, education & creation.

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Grandview Theatre enriches lives, builds tangible skills, and provides opportunities in Brantford and surrounding area by presenting, creating, and  education in professional theatre.

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Grandview Theatre exists to engage theatre professionals in Brantford and surrounding communities, and to reflect and engage the community it serves through professional theatre practice.

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Grandview Theatre provides the Brantford community with well crafted professional productions, educational opportunities for youth to learn valuable professional theatre skills, and empowering local theatre artists to discover and develop the stories in our community.

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About: What We Do


A commitment to growing the
professional theatre skills of individuals
who reside in Brantford and surrounding area. Growth will be considered a main component of every endeavour the company undertakes.


A commitment to producing
excellent theatrical works by using
excellent people: experienced and
talented individuals who are
committed to creating well crafted
works of art. Excellence will be
reflected in the writing of each play,
in the individuals who create each
production, and in the volunteers
and staff who support it.


A commitment to sustainability will be
evident in our sound business practices
and our sensible fiscal management.
Economic stability will allow the company
to promote growth and excellence.

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